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So Much More Than a Beautiful Place to Say “I Do”

The Crooked Willow Experience

Learn why 100’s of couples have chosen Crooked Willow and how we’ve earned their trust.

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Photos below by Abby & Brandon Photography

We Are a Family Ran Business and {Genuinely} Care About You!

We didn’t plan to open a wedding venue and we don’t have investors to keep happy. We host weddings because we want to.

We attract kind and grateful couples so its easy for us to give you our very best.

We understand the gravity and importance of a wedding day. You don’t get a “do-over” and we know it.

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Our Rental Fee + Vendor Partners Offer Affordable Options


There’s no guest count minimum or spending minimum. Make your event as upscale or casual as you’ve imagined.

Our pricing and exclusive caterers can be found on our website - reach out to our caterers for their pricing upfront.

No surprises. No gotchas.

The only (optional) extra fee is linens and if you choose any rentals. There are no taxes or service charges.