Resources for Booked Couples

Attending a Wedding at Our Barn Wedding Venue in Minneapolis, MN?

Event Insurance Policy

Special event liability insurance protects you against losses stemming from personal injuries and property damage at your wedding.  Medical payments, lawsuits, and property damages are a few of the most common costs which could be incurred during your wedding. 

The special event insurance policy is due 14 days prior to your wedding date and can be emailed to You can use the the insurance carrier of your choice; is the lowest in cost with a $0 deductible. To make it as simple as possible, we have a partnership page set up with them to easily purchase your policy:

Recycling Practices

We’ve partnered with Pope Douglas Solid Waste Management for better recycling practices, organic waste, and less garbage going to the landfill. We have bins in all of our buildings with signage. If disposable plates, bowls, containers, or utensils are used, they will need to be BPI certified compostable and can be thrown in our organic containers. We do not allow Styrofoam/Plastic cups, plates, bowls, or utensils. This is especially important if you are using a non-preferred caterer, having a food or ice cream truck, or any late night snacks being brought in as absolutely no Styrofoam or plastic containers/utensils are allowed. Organic cups can be purchased through Crooked Willow if needed, most compostable glasses/cups, plates, utensils can be purchased on If any of these items are brought in, you may be subject to disposal fees. More information available on Let's all work together to do our part!

Day of Reminders

Below is a link to our Day of Reminders - after years of experience, these are things that will help ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible! We highly recommend you share this document with your Day of Coordinator, Wedding Coordinator, clean up crew, or anyone that is helping with details on your big day!