Wedding Tip: Think Twice Before Having On-Site Accommodations for Guests

You’re planning your wedding, finding the perfect venue (hopefully us lol), and you stop to wonder if you should provide on-site accommodations for your wedding guests. It sounds like a nice idea, right? All your friends and family and guests in one place. This idea may sound nice in theory; but in reality, it has the potential to be a nightmare for you and your partner. We’ve talked to many couples who decided to have on-site accommodations at other wedding venues, and these are some of the complaints they had:

1.) My guests left my reception early! You paid a lot of money for your food, entertainment, and more at your reception. It is no fun when your guests decide to dip out early and hang out at their room on-site instead of with you. It is OK to be selfish here. It is your wedding after all! Your guests should be there for you!

2.) Guests were leaving and coming back intoxicated! This one is no fun! It’s one thing having your guests leave early. It’s even worse when they come back after drinking a little too much. No one wants a rowdy crowd coming back to crash their reception.

3.) My wedding day didn’t feel as intimate. When all of your guests are in such close proximity to you all day long, it can feel exhausting. Here at Crooked Willow, we want you and your bridal party to arrive here in the morning and get ready in a peaceful, quiet setting. You can enjoy the morning, enjoy your private suites, and start the wedding day off right!

We do not offer guest accommodations at our wedding venue for these reasons and more. We want to always put the couple and their needs and experience first! We hope this tip helps!

-Derek and Jody