The ULTIMATE Wedding Planning Checklist…

We get it. Planning a wedding can seem OVERWHELMING. From everything to the venue to the personalized wedding favors, it can be hard to even know where to start! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out the checklist below and save for future use!

Bride and groom kissing on spiral staircase

12 Months Out

Choose a wedding date.- Decide what season you want. Do you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding? Make sure the season you choose works for an outdoor wedding if that is what you’re hoping for!

  • Book a venue- Deciding on a day and booking a venue go hand-in-hand. Sometimes, your dream venue may only be available on a day you didn’t originally decide on. You may have to be flexible with your EXACT day. (You can check out our current availability under the Available Dates tab on our website.)
  • Book an engagement shoot- Time to get those cute photos for your save-the-dates!
  • Start brainstorming your wedding theme- colors, florals, greenery, tablecloths, etc. (this is the fun part!)
  • Book a photographer, videographer, and florist- these types of vendors book WAY in advance so you want to snag your dream photographer or decorator as soon as you can!
  • Put together a guest list- It’s nice to allow yourself a few weeks to do this to ensure you don’t forget anyone!

9 Months Out

  • Order outfits- First and foremost, get your gown as soon as possible, then comes the bridal party! You don’t want delays in shipping stress you out last minute. Get your outfits ordered sooner rather than later!
  • Send out save-the-dates- Send out those little reminders that people can stick on their fridges!
  • Book hair and makeup appointments- Do you want to get ready with you bridal party? Make sure you book in advance so your whole group can get ready together.
  • Book DJ- a wedding reception is only as good as its music, right?

6 Months Out

  • Order wedding invitations- get ready to lick and stamp more envelopes than you ever want too!
  • Shop for wedding bands- you probably have the engagement ring already, but what about the bands for the ceremony?
  • Book rehearsal dinner location- get this out of the way so you don’t have to stress about another celebration to plan!
  • Book a caterer and baker- good food makes a great wedding!
Wedding accessories and décor

3 Months Out

  • Mail wedding invitations- it’s getting close now!
  • Order wedding favors for guests- this is always a fun detail for your guests to feel extra special! Don’t be afraid to get creative here!
  • Bridal party fittings- make sure those dresses are the perfect length! No one wants to be tripping down the aisle!

1 Month Out

  • Write vows- personalized vows are becoming more and more popular and add an intimate touch to your day!
  • Final dress fitting- make sure that everything fits together perfectly, accessories and all!

1 Week Out

  • Prep- pack your makeup bag, accessories, gown, and emergency kit for the wedding day.
  • Hair treatment- get that hair dyed, cut, or treated however you want to look your very best on your wedding day.
  • Breathe- your wedding day is going to be amazing!
Bride and groom embracing in a field at sunset

Photos by A Lee Photography.