The Love Story of Kenzie and Nick

Kenzie and Nick’s wedding day was a day to remember! From the stunning decor to the involvement of their precious pup, their day was truly their own! We asked them some questions about their wedding day and love story! Read their answers below:

1) How did the two of you meet?

Nick and I first met on an online dating app over 5 years ago. It’s crazy to think this is how a lot of couples are meeting nowadays! Our first date was at the dog park in Fargo where we both lived and was where I first met his white lab, Charlie. Everyone says that Nick was smart for having Charlie in one of his online dating profile pictures but even though Charlie was absolutely adorable, I will never forget the first time our eyes met.

2.) What was the theme of your wedding day?

Our theme for our wedding was rustic, simplistic and country with shades of dark teal, burgundy and greenery.

3) What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?

Personally, my favorite moment was the first look. Walking up to the Trapper’s Lodge and seeing Nick standing there and our dog, Charlie sitting there so nice, my heart melted and I just wanted to run up to him! It was such a sweet moment between us when we turned around that I will never forget.

4) What was your favorite part about having your wedding here at Crooked Willow?

Our favorite part about having our wedding at Crooked Willow was that we could have everything all in one place and just the overall beauty of the property!


5) Tell us your engagement story

Nick proposed to me on 7/3/2021. We were up in Hayward, Wisconsin (which is where Nick is from) for the 4th of July . There were so many hints throughout the day that I should have caught on, but I did not. I remember the first thing Nick said to me that morning was, “today is going to be a good day”. I brushed it off and got ready for the day. We went golfing with Nick’s aunt and her boyfriend. After golf, we went home to get ready for a grill out at Nick’s grandma’s at the lake. I was putting clothes on and Nick said, “Is that what you are wearing?” I wasn’t wearing anything bad, just some jean shorts, a tank top with no makeup on. But again, I didn’t think anything of it and I didn’t listen to him. We went to the lake, had a nice grill out dinner and we were enjoying the beautiful sunset on the water. Nick said, “Babe, do you want to take a picture on the dock with the sunset?” This comment should have given it away, because Nick hates pictures. Then Nick’s aunt jumped up and said, “I’ll take your guy’s picture, I have my camera with!”. So we walked out onto the dock and posed for a picture. Nick even called our dog Charlie onto the dock. Then he got down on one knee and asked if I would be Charlie’s mom forever!! I was absolutely shocked and had no idea it was happening. I attached a picture of our engagement as well.
We wish you two the happiest years together! This is just the beginning of your love story!
-Derek and Jody
*photos by Kendra Fearing Co.