So you want to own a wedding venue? Here’s what you need to know…

Derek and I quit our corporate jobs in the big city to start a wedding venue in small town Minnesota five years ago. It has been quite the journey; and through both mistakes and successes, we have learned so much! Running a wedding venue is one of the most rewarding jobs we have ever had the chance to pour our energy into. Getting to be a part in crafting one of the greatest days of people’s lives- their wedding day- makes all the hard work and sacrifice worth it! Owning a wedding venue is a full-time job! Heck, it often feels like we’re working overtime every week! But if we started a successful wedding venue, then so can you! If you’re considering owning a wedding venue, here are four things you NEED TO KNOW!

1.) The work NEVER stops. With everything from tours to maintenance to accounting to communicating with couples and MORE, our to-do list feels never-ending quite often. Be prepared to pour a lot of your time and energy into starting this business.

2.) ALWAYS have a back-up plan. Weather in Minnesota can be quite unpredictable. Having an indoor back-up space for bad weather is a MUST! (We moved an outdoor wedding indoors almost every weekend last year due to bad weather!) It is also a good idea to have back-up sound equipment, tableware, and glassware.

3.) LISTEN to your couples! They are the reason you do and CAN do what you do! Pay attention to their needs and concerns and always do your best to accommodate. Not only will this satisfy your couples; but good reviews go a LONG way in this business!

4.) You WILL NOT get rich quick. If you’re hoping to make a giant pile of cash from starting a wedding venue, you are in for quite the surprise. As with starting any business, you have to invest a lot in the beginning before you start to see a profit. Make sure you are prepared for the long haul.

Well, there you have it- our top tips that you NEED TO KNOW before starting a wedding venue! Working in the wedding industry is incredibly rewarding, but requires a lot of work!

Best of luck out there!

Derek and Jody

*photos by Colorful Edge Photography