Samantha and Jordan

Samantha and Jordan were such a FUN couple! And every detail of their wedding day was GORGEOUS! Let’s get to know them a little bit…

1.) How Did They Meet?

Samantha and Jordan’s meeting was seemingly random. One evening, Samantha and her friends decided to have a night out in Raymond, Minnesota, as opposed to going to their usual places in Spicer. They ended up going to Cheers, a local bar. Samantha spent the night playing the dollar egg machine and pool, as Jordan sat unknowingly at the bar with his group of friends. One of Jordan’s friends introduced himself to Samantha’s friends. Soon, everyone was hanging out together. Jordan soon earned the name “Edward Jones” from Samantha as she didn’t know his name yet, but saw he was wearing an Edward Jones sweatshirt. At the end of the night, Jordan invited Samantha’s and her friends to a party he was having the following weekend. Samantha had no idea he was interested in seeing her again. They’ve been together ever since!


2.) Engagement Story

One of Samantha’s good friends is a photographer located out of Seattle. She was in town for a wedding Memorial Day weekend 2022, and had asked Samantha if she wanted to hang out and take some pictures. The two girls made the plan to head to Samantha’s parents’ ranch to take some photos because the trees were always flowering and beautiful in the spring. Jordan was supposedly at home ‘resting’ while all this was happening. At least, that is what Samantha thought! While Samantha walked inside her parent’s home, Jordan snuck out to the pastures with the horses. When the two girls went out to take their photos, there was Jordan, standing in the pasture with Samantha’s horse Tess that was wearing a big white board that read “Will you marry me?”.  Samantha, of course, said yes!


3.) Wedding Theme

Samantha and Jordan went with shades of green and neutral browns/cream: sage, moss green, olive, taupe, tan, cream. They went for a chic boho theme with a twist of classic glamour and art deco. When we say it was a picture perfect wedding, we really do mean ‘picture perfect’! All of the details made for a stunning wedding day!


4.) Wedding Day Highlight

One of the couple’s favorite parts from their wedding day was getting all dressed up with their friends and family and stepping out to see their wedding vision come to life!


5.) Why They Chose Crooked Willow

“Jordan and I knew that a venue with more of a country or farm feel would be what we would choose. We also needed a venue that would hold the guest count we wanted. Crooked Willow was in a location that wasn’t too far from both our families, but far enough that we felt we would get a different experience. We fell in LOVE with the red barns and the unique, antique feel Crooked Willow offers. It was the barn/farm feel we were looking for, but also catered to the unique and rustic look we had hoped for in a venue. We just didn’t know we could achieve all of that in one place! Every one of Crooked Willow’s facilities on site are absolutely beautiful, and you could have no piece of decor and still be amazed by how beautiful the spaces are. We wanted a Friday wedding; and loved that we could have the barn space the night before for Rehearsal. It was basically a no-brainer for us. The day after we toured with Jody we set our wedding date at Crooked Willow!” – Samantha

It was such an honor getting to help celebrate Samantha and Jordan! We wish them both many years of happiness!

-Derek and Jody


*photos by Kelsey James Photography