Our Story – Our FIRST Wedding! (part 5)

We actually had our very first wedding booked at Crooked Willow before we had even officially closed on the property. This gave us a very clear timeline for when construction and finishing touches needed to be done! Our first wedding was supposed to happen on July 28; but Derek had gotten a call not long after we closed on the property from another bride who wanted to get married a week earlier on July 21st! We wondered if we could pull it off in time! So, we talked to all of our contractors and decided to go for it! After several crazy months of non-stop work, July 21st arrived! We were still putting locks on doors and final touches on our property that wedding morning! Thankfully, we had the most laid-back bride who didn’t mind any of that! The wedding went off without a hitch and we went on to host five total weddings that first year!

Our first year was a whirlwind, but we had wonderful friends and family who supported us all along the way! We had friends help us with out website. One of our talented designer friends created an incredible rendering of our reception space while it was under construction. All of our friends were there the day we moved. Getting Crooked Willow started truly was a team effort and we wouldn’t be here without the incredible people who have come alongside us!

-Derek and Jody