Our Favorite Things About Spring Weddings…

Ahhh, spring weddings! The snow is gone, the sunshine is out, everything is green and blooming- what’s not to love about this time of year? It makes for the perfect wedding backdrop! Spring not only marks the beginning of wedding season, it marks the beginning of outdoor wedding season. And here in Minnesota, that is a big deal! Continue reading for four of our favorite things about spring weddings.

1.) Pastel Colors – Springtime means pastel EVERYTHING; and we LOVE it! The colors are soft and light, and look amazing with the green grass and blooming trees on our property.

2.) Outdoor Ceremonies- Everybody loves an outdoor ceremony; but here in Minnesota, it is a big deal. The snow gives way to deep green grass and budding trees. A sight for sore eyes after a long winter. Plus, the weather isn’t as hot as it is in the summer. It makes for comfortable temperatures for guests.

3.) Blooming Backdrops- No more freezing bridal photos in the middle of winter. The grass is green, the trees are budding, and flowers are blooming- this all makes for the most romantic backdrops for wedding photography.

4.) Dreamy sunset photos- Speaking of romantic backdrops for wedding photos, this time of year is great for those dreamy sunset photos. The air is warm and the sky is blue- time to frolic through the field on our property while the golden sun sets behind you.

We LOVE spring weddings and are so excited to celebrate our couples over the next couple of months! When will the very first outdoor spring ceremony be of 2023? Only time will tell!

*Photos by LivByGrace Photography