Our Carriage House Wedding Suite…

One of our favorite spots on the Crooked Willow grounds is our Carriage House Wedding Suite! Located in its own private building adjacent to the Barn, this suite is quiet and relaxing- the PERFECT place to start out a busy wedding day! Let’s take a tour through the many things our Carriage House has to offer!

We knew that the most important thing we wanted our Carriage House to have was a relaxing atmosphere. We wanted our brides to start their wedding day at peace within the four white walls of the suite. Equipped with lush furniture, airy curtains, and decorated in whites and light blues, this room invites you to take a load off! (Sometimes, we just hang out in there during the week! Ha!) At the top of the room is our elegant chandelier that sparkles when the sun shines in through the large front window!

The Suite is equipped with all the things one NEEDS from a bridal suite, such as a large makeup and hair station, a changing room, and even a breakfast bar! And, of course, the Suite comes equipped with a sound system so you and your bridal party can have a dance party to start the day or put on some relaxing music while everyone gets ready! We also included little white umbrellas for rainy wedding days!

We love our Carriage House Wedding Suite, and so do our brides! Want to take a peak at it in person? Schedule a tour with us today!