Not JUST a Wedding Venue…

We LOVE hosting weddings (obviously)! It is the reason we started a wedding venue in the first place! But that isn’t all we get to do out here at Crooked Willow. We also get to host plenty of non-wedding events for businesses and folks in our community! These events always bring a refreshing change of pace; and of course, we get to meet so many incredible people at each event. So we decided to talk a little bit about non-wedding events today!

We have hosted everything from business Christmas parties to massive bingo tournaments to stylized shoots on our property. We offer plenty of different space options so that no matter the size of your party or meeting, we can accommodate! (Just see how big the bingo tournament was in the photos below!) We offer two spaces: The Barn and our reception area. Our Barn offers a great spot for smaller, more intimate dinner parties or business events. It also offers a unique bar space upstairs for an unforgettable cocktail hour. Our reception hall is large and open, but can be easily divided off into smaller sections to accommodate your party.

When do we host these non-wedding events? Most often, they happen during our wedding off-season since we are almost completely booked out with weddings during the height of wedding season.

Our favorite part about hosting these events is getting to be a part of our community even more! The fundraisers and banquets, and stories we hear there are inspiring! Just last month, we hosted the annual Designer Purse Bingo put on by The Dragonfly Mental Wellness Foundation. This foundation does incredible work in the realm of mental health. They raise awareness, support, educate, and serve those touched by mental illness. Not only was this event bigger than most of the weddings we host, it has such a wonderful cause!

If you’re hoping to host a non-wedding event at Crooked Willow, reach out to us today! We are more than happy to help!