Grandmas Make the Best Match-Makers

Mattia and Zean have their grandmothers to thank for bringing them together! Little known to them, their grandmas were dropping hints years before they actually had their first date! We guess grandmas know best!

Bride and groom holding beautiful wedding bouquet

Their Story

Mattia and Zean both were avid skiers throughout high school. They competed every year, and it was at one of these ski meets that their grandmas first met one another. While Mattia and Zean were at their 9th grade ski meet, their grandmas became fast friends. From that point on, the two ladies swore to meet each other each year and cheer on their grandkids, Mattia and Zean, together! All along the way, the grandmas would talk about their grandkids both to each other and to the grandkids themslves. Mattia and Zean only met each other in passing.

That is, until years later, where Mattia and Zean both found each other in Big Sky, Montana! Zean was going to school and working in the state at the time, while Mattia was on a ski trip with some friends from college. A mutual friend brought them together. Out on the chairlifts and over drinks at a local bar, the Broken Spoke, Mattia and Zean finally got to know each other. From that time on, the two didn’t stop talking. They had their first offical date just a few months later when Zean moved back to Minnesota for the summer.

The couple got engaged in April of 2021. They had taken a trip down to Minneapolis and spent the day doing their favorite things: hiking, visiting a new brewery, stopping at their favorite cupcake shop, and eating the best food. Zean proposed lakeside in Lebanon Hills Park, the perfect backdrop for the outdoorsy couple.

Their Theme

Mattia and Zean’s colors were deep teal, black, and white with gold accents, not to mention plenty of greenery throughout. They went with an elegant, yet rustic feel to match our grounds. Gold geometric shapes also ran throughout the d├ęcor. They also made their outdoor ceremony space feel a bit like being in a church by incorporating church windows into the backdrop. It was beautiful! (See photo below!)

Their Day

The two tied the knot in August of 2022 surrounded by their family and friends. Mattia and Zean made their day intimate and special. They started the morning with a first look and personal notes. They both loved getting to spend that time together, just the two of them. Mattia also mentioned how special her entrance was. She felt like they were the only two there. A pair of butterflies also danced around the couple as they stood at the altar together. (Straight out of a fairytale!)

From the intimate ceremony to the fun reception, it was a day to be remembered! We loved celebrating you two! Congratulations! We wish you both many years of married bliss!

Multiple photos of bride, groom and wedding party

Their Vendors