Finding Love on the Other Side of the World

You never truly know where love will find you. Denise and Jorg’s story spans multiple countries and over a decade’s time…

Bride and groom in front of the Barn

Their Story

Denise and Jorg first met back in 2008 when they were both stationed at a NATO base in Germany. The two of them were in the air force, Denise in the US Air Force and Jorg belonging to the Royal Netherlands Air Force. In 2009, they went on two dates, but decided to remain friends. Jorg moved back to the Netherlands, his home country, and Denise returned to the United States. They didn’t see or talk to each other for a decade.

The year 2018 rolled around and Denise was sent back over to serve in Europe, specifically the town of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. On Thanksgiving Day of that year, Jorg messaged Denise via LinkedIn, asking if she was truly stationed in Eindhoven, his hometown! The two talked for hours that night and decided to give it another shot just a few weeks later. Denise and Jorg have been together ever since!

The Proposal

Denise and Jorg are both members of Sunset March Team 31. The Sunset March honors the 48 American soldiers that gave their lives in 1944 at the Waal Crossing during World War II. Team 31 is a group of veterans who ensure that every day of the month a veteran is able to walk the Sunset March in honor of the fallen soldiers. On January 24, 2021, Jorg and Denise walked the Sunset March together, except Jorg had something extra special in mind at the end. After the two had saluted and paid their respects, Jorg got down on one knee. And of course, Denise said yes!

Bride and groom on spiral staircase at the Barn and wedding cake

Their Theme

The couple chose royal blue and coral as their wedding colors. The royal blue represented the blue of each of their respective Air Forces; and the coral was the perfect pop of color for their springtime wedding. The two also tied in details from their home countries. They had desserts representing the Netherlands: windmill and tulip chocolates and stroopwafels, and American desserts: chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Even their wedding favors were cookies in the shape of the Netherlands and Minnesota, with a little heart over their hometowns.

Their Favorite Moments

Jorg and Denise decided not to see each other the day of their wedding until the ceremony began. As soon as the doors opened and Jorg saw Denise walk into the church, he started to cry. He said he had never experienced something so moving in his life. (We’re crying now!) The two also choreographed their first dance, which was a hoot! Surrounded by their closest family and friends, Denise and Jorg’s wedding day was full of love and laughs. (We can’t forget about the groomsmen who accidentally got sent a kid-sized tie, which he gladly wore the whole day!)

Congrats Denise and Jorg! We are so happy to have been a part of your perfect day! We wish you many days of wedded bliss as your love story continues to unfold!

Bride and groom embracing in the woods

Their Vendors